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*NLP & Hypnosis Books*


I Know I Need to Change, But How? A Guide to Taking Control of Your Life and Work: Is there a way to feel better, do better, and get better? Whether you're looking to make more money, have healthier relationships, or be a better parent, this NLP guidebook will give you simple, practical techniques for achieving your goals.

Learn to build rapport, clearly present yourself with charisma, overcome bad habits, induce hypnosis, utilize role models to expand your success, and change early childhood programming for greater happiness.

Imprints for Success by Alan Patching. This book, based on NLP and Hypnotherapy, offers methods for achieving authentic success. The focus of the book is on building emotional intelligence, changing limiting beliefs, and achieving peak performance. $30 plus shipping and handling

Tribes by Sarah James. This new release is a Theta Healing practitioner companion book that lists all relevant beliefs and downloads by race, religion, and genetic heritage. It's a fantastic amount of knowledge that any Theta Healer will find useful.


Messages From Your Body: A description of the interaction of physical, emotional, mental, symbolic and sacred processes as they precipitate outcomes in the form of diseases, disorders and disruptions. There then follows a dictionary of the psychological and sometimes sacred meanings of hundreds of disturbances ranging from sneezes to cancer. In addition, there is an extensive section on the meanings of a number of body structures and characteristics. ORDER NOW


*NLP & Hypnosis Instructional Videos*


Hybrid NLPHybrid NLP Home Study Kit: This collection of audio and video recordings taped live during our NLP courses, comes complete with 8 CD and DVDs, a deck of flash cards, 'I Know I Need to Change, but How,' and 4 course manuals. Details Also, you can get it free when you register for NLP Practitioner course.

Covering every topic from building rapport to healing the body, you're sure to gain tons of valuable information and skills.


NLP Practitioner Demonstrations (Discs 1 and 2): This video set, recorded during the Lightwork Seminars May 2007 NLP certification courses in Boca Raton, FL takes you through all the processes and techniques that a Practitioner of NLP needs to master, including anchoring, regression, parts work, and more. All demonstrations are done by Trainer Janis Ericson. 2 DVDs for $100 + shipping and handling


Hypnotherapy Demonstrations: This video and audio disc, recorded during Lightwork Seminars May 2007 courses in Boca Raton, FL demonstrates the basic skills employed by Ericksonian hypnotherapists. Master Hypnotherapist, Janis Ericson guides you through regression processes, hypnotic language patterns, and deep trance identification. 1 DVD for $50 + shipping and handling


A Trip to Theta: This 3 DVD set, featuring ThetaHealing instructor, Janis Ericson, leads you through the entire ThetaHealing Basic course, and serves as a perfect substitute for re-attending the program (normally $250). This set is only available to certified Theta Healers. 3 DVDs for $100 + shipping and handling


*Flash Cards*


Information Gathering Flash Cards: Language patterns form the basis of NLP. When people have a challenge, it exists solely in their map of reality. If you expand that map enough, the problem will be solved.

This deck of NLP Coaching cards combines Meta-Model questions with powerful coaching strategies. Each card contains an NLP question that you can use, and commentary about how and why these work. Also included are tips on how to use the cards and the patterns on them. 52 cards.

NEW! Hypnotic Language Flash Cards: These cards are simply the fastest way there is to learn the covert language patterns of Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Use these cards for trance induction and transformation. These are great whether you're doing formal hypnosis, sales, persuasion, public speaking, or just want to tell more engaging stories. Also included are tips on how to use the cards and the patterns on them. Deck of 52 cards. $20 + shipping and handling


*Guided Meditation & Hypnosis CDs *


BEST SELLER! The Secret Art of Manifestation: This innovative, guided meditation CD helps you to manifest better health, relationships, abundance, and more. Create your life- exactly as you want it! This CD will help you activate your intentions and release limiting thought patterns from your unconscious. 32 minutes.



BEST SELLER! Deep Relaxation: This CD takes you into a very deep hypotic state, where you can reset your nervous system to heal from illness or trauma. Included is a chakra clearing meditation and suggestions for deep comfort. If there was ever a hypnosis CD to own, this is it! CD runs 38 minutes.



hypnosis cdNEW! Overcoming Anxiety: Relieve your worry and anxiety with hypnosis and guided meditation. Designed to calm the nervous system, this CD helps you relax the body and the muscles while quieting the mind of nagging thoughts. CD runs 28 minutes.



Energy Clearing: Are you a healing arts practitioner that would like to be able to disconnect more fully from client's energy after a session? Are you a sensitive person that has a difficult time separating your energy from others? Are you often tired or drained after spending time with others? This short self-hypnosis CD helps you to clear negative energy, stored emotions, or physical sensations that are disruptive to your health and well-being. Use it every morning and night to stay clear and focused! CD runs 15 minutes.
$15 US + shipping & handling Currently on Back Order


Losing Weight from the Inside Out (Volume 1): A series of 10 weekly CDs designed to help you reduce weight quickly, easily, and enjoyably. Emotional eating, exercise, habitual eating, and holiday patterns will be addressed, as well as many more specialized issues.


Losing Weight from the Inside Out (Volume 2): Master Hypnotherapist, Cheryl Sullivan, amps up the power of your weight plan by adding more specialized sessions to address specific issues. More suggestions will be given regarding eating less, exercising more, and clearing emotions that lead to overeating, binging, or purging. This set includes another 10 CDs to be used over 10 weeks.



*Additional Resources from our Friends*


Essential Oil Sprays by Reiki Master, Rose Barker. 3 scents available- Grounding, Psychic Awareness, and Heart Center.


Making Hypnosis CDs and MP3s: Recording hypnosis CDs and MP3s on your computer has never been easier--if you know how. Add a profitable income stream to your existing practice or create an on line presence by having CDs and MP3s for sale. ORDER NOW

Learn Hypnosis @ Home, Home Study Course: This DVD and CD series takes you through all the basics of Hypnotherapy, including inductions and suggestion in a convenient home study format. Please note- there is no substitution for live training, but this course will get you started. ORDER NOW

Hypnotic Language Mastery Pack: Mastery Pack includes the Practical Guide to Covert & Conversational Hypnosis (the Milton Model), the Practical Guide to Sleight of Mouth AND the Practical Guide to Metaphor and Advanced Metaphor. ORDER NOW

Parts Therapy: Integration for Habits, Conflicts, and Desires: Hypnosis techniques for habit control, including stopping smoking, weight loss, and more. ORDER NOW



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