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Thank you for considering Lightwork Seminars Hypnotherapy School! We offer a professional training that allows you to explore the effectiveness, depth and beauty of hypnosis.

In the following courses, you will learn the art of transformation. Our Introductory Lecture offers a ‘taste’ of the many uses of this valuable skill, while our certification programs teach you how to utilize hypnosis for yourself and other. Whether you will add hypnotherapy to your existing healing practice, are new to the field, or want to learn for your own personal benefit, we have courses that will suit your needs and skill level. Join us!



  • CA Board of Registered Nursing Continuing Education Provider CEP15083
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy Approved School of Hypnosis H25276T


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You can quickly and easily learn how to hypnotize almost anyone (including yourself) using these powerful, enjoyable,and exciting techniques!

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"Within one week what I've learned has given me the tools to do anything I want with hypnotherapy... It's been invaluable to me."
Indira Raj-Guru, Former Student





Board of Registered Nursing CEP 15083 & ABH Approved School H25276T
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